Hotels from £30 in some of the nicest spots in the world.

Lowcost Beds is now Lowcost Holidays - see information about ths companies trading status - July 2016 in administration.

Lowcostbeds.com offer fantastic value and on-line booking to over 3000 hotels in Spain, Canaries, Portugal, Cyprus, Malta, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Sorrento, Sicily plus all the major cities including Barcelona, Amsterdam, Madrid, Paris and many, many more.

Low Cost Beds is the fast, smart and cheap way to book your next holiday online. Backed by 3 large European hotel and travel companies your peace of mind can be rest assured. lowcostholidays.com don't believe in package holidays, instead they tailor each of their cheap holidays to your needs. Whether you're looking to book cheap all inclusive family holidays, city breaks or late holiday deals on a budget, lowcost have an excellent range of cheap hotels and flights to make your next holiday perfect.

Lowcostbeds offer a choice of thousands of hotels and apartments in the most popular beach and city destinations, personally selected for value and quality.

Lowcostbeds holidays are aimed at independent-minded holidaymakers, who are confident enough to put together their own holiday, at their own pace, and who recognise a great deal when they see one.

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