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The music scene in the UK is better than ever, with new bands becoming more creative, more diverse and more interesting.

Here's some of the best British talent....

The EDITORS are the first to admit that they are not from the rock ‘n’ roll centres of the UK. Vocalist Tom Smith is from Stroud, guitarist Chris Urbanowicz is from Nottingham whilst drummer Ed Lay is from Ipswich and bass player Russell Leetch the only near Brummie, hails from Solihull. It may be this geographical grounding that leads the band to suggest that “rock ‘n’ roll doesn’t really follow us around” but recent events have suggested that this pattern is changing. Having founded the band at University in Stafford, on graduation the four relocated to Birmingham as it was both the nearest big city and the home of their management ....


The Editors

The CORAL : James Skelly - Guitar / Vocals. Ian Skelly - Drums. Nick Power - Organ / Vocals. Bill Ryder-Jones - Lead Guitar. Lee Southall - Rhythm Guitar / Vocals. Paul Duffy - Bass / Vocals. John Duffy - Percussion. The Coral’s third album, The Invisible Invasion kicks off with James Skelly’s haunted glower on the opener, She Brings The Mourning, the thoroughly monochrome production Portishead’s Geoff Barrow and Adrian Utley has steered something sparse and sinister. However, if there are truly ghosts in this mildly creepy semi-detached house of a record, they are naggingly familiar ones - fellow Liverpudlians, the La’s and Clinic. The Invisible Invasion’s cheery melodies and minor-chord thrash may beguile, but it remains a great record rather than a masterpiece in its own right. (BBC Review) ....


The Coral

KASABIAN : Tom Meighan, Sergio Pizzorno, Chris Edwards and Ian Matthews. The first thing you'll notice about the album, Empire, is that no other band in the world could have created it. The confidence is perhaps understandable given the lack of fanfare with which they managed to instantly shift 8000 tickets for their Ally Pally show. But the scale of its vision though is something else entirely. Asked a while back to describe the album's eponymous opener, Meighan's instant response was, "Marc Bolan smoking crack with Dr Who." "No other band apart from Radiohead would have the balls to put in a tempo change like that." ....



AMY WINEHOUSE : RIP Amy. Back to Black? "Frank" was her grand and suitably blunt-speaking break-up record, sometimes a little bitter, with mature vocal delivery that was never less than sweet. It marked her out as one of the most distinct new voices in pop. Amy had cut through to the core of the human condition with her debut, adding her own jazzy witticisms to the legacy of the greats.


Amy Winehouse

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