Elvis Costello
Elvis Costello
Elvis Costello sheet music - The Very Best......

The Very Best Of Elvis Costello
Piano and voice arrangements, complete with lyrics and guitar chord boxes, for each track from this superb album, containing 42 of the very best songs from Costello's illustrious career.

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Elvis Costello sheet music - The Juliet Letters

The Juliet Letters
Song sequence for String Quartet and Voice. Written by Costello in response to an article detailing the discovery that a Veronese academic had been replying to letters addressed to 'Juliet Capulet'. The delicate nature of this correspondence has inspired a poignant set of songs arranged specifically for, and performed by, The Brodsky Quartet. Deceptively simple work, bearing all the qualities of Costello's intelligent sense of melody.

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BOOK - Divided Soul

Elvis Costello / Burt Bacharach: Painted From Memory
The unlikely collaboration between Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach works a treat on their joint effort at an album, 1998's Painted From Memory, a lush collection of heartfelt and moving songs incorporating brass, strings and backing vocals. Arranged here for piano and vocals with guitar chord boxes where necessary.

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