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 Steve Earle
 I Can Wait

In the blink of an eye
Stars'll fall from the sky
No one even notices

If you think it'll help
I can walk out myself
and we won't have to go through this

If I pretend to hold you tight
and out on the highway late some night
That's all right

If that's all that it takes
Even if my heart breaks
Darlin' I can wait

I have nothin' but time
nd this poor heart of mine
Probably could use some rest

When the ghosts are all gone
You can leave your light on
Shinin' through the loneliness

Just like a beacon in the night
Brighter than any star in sight
But that's all right

For as long as it takes
For that mornin' to break
Darlin' I can wait

Out where the mountains meet the sky
Feelin' so lonesome I could cry
But that's all right

'cos all the signs say
You'll call me someday
Darlin' I can wait.

Music by Steve Earle

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