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Help The Aged

Help the aged,
One time they were just like you, drinking, smoking cigs and sniffing glue.
Help the aged, don't just put them in a home,
Can't have much fun in there all on their own.
Give a hand, if you can, try and help them to unwind.
Give them hope & give them comfort 'cos they're running out of time.
In the meantime we try.
Try to forget that nothing lasts forever.
No big deal so give us all a feel.
Funny how it all falls away.
When did you first realise?
It's time you took an older lover baby.
Teach you stuff although he's looking rough.
Funny how it all falls away.
Help the aged 'cos one day you'll be older too
You might need someone who can pull you through
And if you look very hard behind the lines upon their
Face you may see where you are headed and it's such a lonely place.
In the meantime we try, etc.
You can dye your hair but it's the one thing you can't change.
Can't run away from yourself.
In the meantime we try, etc. Funny how it all falls away.
So help the aged.....


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