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You can find song lyrics on Thousands of Internet web sites. Many sites use the same database of songs, and the choice is quite limited. We don't use databases - all our lyrics are listed logically, so pages load quickly and accurately. On other sites you may also find the accuracy of lyrics can be poor. We at Code HOT strive to bring you the best, well-known popular songs, including some lyrics you won't find anywhere else on the Internet. We want to make your online experience as enjoyable as possible, so you'll remember us, recommend us and keep coming back for more.



Reasons to be cheerful :-

1. Code HOT never use pop-ups, or intrusive advertising links. We leave you free to browse, find and read the lyrics without any annoying windows distracting you. Some other sites even try to "force" software downloads on you. We advise you to "Never use those sites - they can have an adverse impact on your computer security"

2. We don't claim to have the largest collection of lyrics, but we go for quality, not quantity. Many of our lyrics are submitted by users, but we always try to improve the quality (spelling, accuracy, readability etc.) to make us more "user friendly".

3. Our lyric layouts are designed to be easy for you to read and sing along with. For example, we avoid using all Upper Case text, we capitalise the beginning of sentences and use appropriate punctuation and we present the lyrics "as they are performed" and verses, choruses and refrains are laid out in full - so there's no dodging up and down the page to find the next line.

4. Code Hot UK lyrics is FREE to use. We don't ask you to join anything, subscribe to anything, pay for anything, nor do we limit the number of times you can view lyrics. The simple reason we are FREE is that every song lyric is copyrighted and we will never attempt to profit from anyone else's work. However, if you wish to buy sheet music for any song or artist, we provide links to the best online sheet music stores and hope you will buy through one of our links, which enables us to earn a little bit of commission.

5. Compare the page loading speeds between Code Hot UK and certain "other" lyrics sites. We don't use a database, so you don't have to wait for complex searches to find (what might be) the lyrics you're looking for.

6. We have a lyrics directory where links can be exchanged between other lyrics sites. We strive to maintain only "good quality" links to make your Internet experience safe, enjoyable and constructive. We don't just link with sites who link to us - if the site is good, we'll list it for you.

7. We respond. If you need help, or have any feedback just email us and we promise to reply. Code HOT actually exists and is maintained (some "other" sites were set up some time back and their authors just leave them to "tick-over")

8. We don't want your money. But we need to have an income to cover our costs. So all we ask is that if you want to buy "anything" online, please do it through us, through our online shopping sites Code Hot Shpping or Armchair Travel.

Lyrics are for personal study only and must not be reproduced. Respect artists' copyrights. Buy sheet music here.

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