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Eric Clapton
Wonderful Tonight

It's late in the evening - she's wondering what clothes to wear 
She puts on her makeup - and brushes her long, blonde hair 
And then she asks me - Do I look alright ? 
And I say - yes, you look wonderful tonight 

We go to a party - and everyone turns to see
this beautiful lady - that's walking around with me 
and then she asks me - do ya feel alright ? 
And I say - yes, I feel wonderful tonight

feel wonderful - because I see
the love-light in your eyes 
and the wonder - of it all 
is that you just don't realize - how much I love you

it's time to go home now - and I've got an aching head 
so I give her the car keys - and she helps me to bed 
and then I tell her - as I turn out the light 
I say, my darling - you were wonderful tonight 
oh, my darling - you were wonderful tonight

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