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Song 2
Country Sad Ballad Man M.O.R.
On Your Own
Theme From Retro
You're So Great
Death Of A Party
Chinese Bombs
I'm Just A Killer For
Your Love

Look Inside America
Strange News
From Another Star

Movin' On
Essex Dogs

Released - 01/17/1997
Label - Cooltempo
Producer -
Stephen Street, Blur
Engineers -
John Smith, Jason Cox


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Blur: Damon Albarn (vocals, keyboards); Graham Coxon (guitar); Alex James (bass); Dave Rowntree (drums). Recorded in London, England and Iceland.

The new voice Damon and the band as a unit, was first heard on the album Blur.
Released in 1997, it reflects a new awareness of left-field American rock particularly on Graham's part and a new found love of the empty beauty of Iceland on Damon's and Alex's. Also heard is a growing dissatisfaction with English pop music and the nature of stardom as epitomized by the facile feud with Oasis.

Blur is an abrasive but oddly attractive record that added some great new songs to the Blur canon, including the anthemic hit "Song 2" and the mysterious "Strange News From Another Star." It also featured the first solo foray on a Blur album from Graham, the cracked melancholy "You're So Great."

Since the release of Blur, the individual members have busied themselves with a variety of other projects. Alex has become a pop star all over again with the curiously unfathomable Fat Less combo. Dave Rowntree has immersed himself in computer animation, and he and Alex have become keen flyers and are backing the 2003 British Unmanned Mars probe. Graham has formed his own label, Transopic, which he uses as an outlet for the music he loves. Last year he released his acclaimed solo album The Sky's Too High.

Damon has followed up his acting debut in Antonia Bird's "Face" by co-composing with Michael Nyman the music for Bird's latest film "Ravenous."

Generally, after 10 years, many bands strain to be in each other's presence, but the members of Blur have found a new sense of well being. "Things have never been healthier between us as a group," said Damon. "We've acknowledged that we are different people, which ironically has made us realize how much we have in common and why we formed as a group in the first place. We respect each other and we're remembering how much we love each other's stuff." But then suddenly in 2003 Graham Coxon (guitar) left the band. Out of a tempestuous few years has come an album of great strength and individuality, an album that can only be Blur.
Eventually he returned, and Blur merged and unmerged into the Gorrilaz to embark on an alternative, funky pop sound.

Blur: Blur Sheet music for guitar and voice.
Format: guitar tablature songbook. With guitar tablature, standard notation, vocal melody, lyrics, chord names, guitar chord diagrams, guitar notation legend and color photos. 76 pages. 9x12 inches. Published by Hal Leonard. (HL.690219) more info