Broadband Comparison for UK Broadband ISPs. Which Broadband? 
Compare UK Broadband
Compare UK Broadband
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Shopping Comparison
Compare UK Broadband for cheaper Broadband. It's a good idea to check out some of the special deals for broadband. Our Broadband Comparison service helps you decide on your Broadband Choices by rating all the top UK broadband packages - to help you compare broadband and buy the best broadband package. Compare Broadband ISPs to help you select which broadband product is best for your needs.
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Free. Check your broadband speed >>>uSwitch SKY Digital TV and BroadbandTalk Talk Phone and broadband EE Broadband BT Broadband Virgin Broadband
PlusNet Broadband PlusNet - from £6.49 - 6 months at Half Price
PlusNet Broadband Reliable broadband voted Best Overall Broadband Provider in the uSwitch Customer Satisfaction Report. PlusNet broadband comes with a 90-day guarantee if switching your broadband. 6.49 p.m for Plusnet Value has 10 Gb p.m bandwidth, a Free Wireless Router and Free connection. 12 month contract. Offer for new customers is £6.49 p.m for 6 months.
PlusNet BroadbandPlusNet Broadband
Virgin Media Broadband Virgin Media Top for Offers and Flexibility - from £5 p.m - bb bb
Virgin Broadband Virgin Media is top value for money, when you get it as part of a package - add on TV, Home and Mobile Phone. Virgin Broadband L 10Mb with phone package costs £5 a month (plus line rental £15.99 pm). Broadband comes in 4 sizes -10Mb, 30Mb, 50Mb and 100Mb. Virgin Media offers a total Broadband, TV and phone packages. Further details can be found here. bb bb
bb bb
Virgin Media Broadband Virgin Media Broadband
SKY Broadband SKY Broadband - from £21.50 p.m
SKY Digital TV and Broadband 6 months free unlimited broadband. Fast Broadband for new SKY customers is free for your first 6 months and then £7.50 p.m for existing SKY customers. New customers can also get it free for 6 months and then pay £10 pm plus line rental. Sky Broadband Unlimited. Sky Talk Freetime. . Free Sky wireless ‘N’ router. £25 M&S voucher when you complete your order online.
SKY Broadband SKY Broadband
TalkTalk Talk Talk - from £3.25 pm for 6 months for phone and broadband
Talk Talk Phone and broadband

Super fast unlimited broadband, Talk Talk have got a choice of 2 packages. Great value broadband and phone for people who want the essentials at the best possible price. Broadband up to 24Mb. 40Gb download allowance. Evening and weekend calls to UK landlines (including 0870/0845 numbers). Unlimited local calls, anytime. FREE support. Free wireless router. and free connection.

TalkTalk Talk Talk Broadband
BT Total Broadband BT- Broadband and Calls - Free for 6 months, then £13 p.m
BT Broadband Great value broadband service. Fast, reliable connection – up to 16Mb* download speeds Broadband Internet. Free online help and phone support at premium rate. FREE for your first 6 months, thereafter £13 a month. 18 month contract. Free BT Home Hub. Free phone calls.* 10Gb monthly download allowance. 18 month contract.
BT Total BroadbandBT Total Broadband
SKY Broadband The Carphone Warehouse
Carphone Warehouse We've included The Carphone Warehouse in our Broadband section because they can offer great deals on combined Broadband packages - often getting you onto a new broadband service for less than you'd pay if going direct. Even better, with unbeatable special offers like a Free Laptop or PS3 with AOL.
The Carphone Warehouse The Carphone Warehouse
Tesco Finest Broadband Tesco Broadband - Broadband and Phone Calls from £16.25 p.m
Tesco Broadband with inclusive evening and weekend calls. Up to 20Mb bandwidth*. No set up fees. 1000 Clubcard points when you're connected. 3 Clubcard points for every £1 you spend. Inclusive Wireless Router. Unlimited downloads. Friendly UK call centre. Keep your existing number. 18 month contract. Inclusive UK Landline calls evenings and weekends.
Tesco Finest Broadband Tesco Broadband
Fasthosts Fasthosts Top for Quality - from £17.99 p.m - bb bb
Fasthosts Broadband Get Quality broadband and more for your money with Fasthosts Broadband Internet. Unlimited downloads, personalised email addresses and 24x7 technical support by web, email and phone. No ties (one month minimum contract for new connections), No restrictions, Free migration and local-rate phone Backup. Upgraded options - 24 Mb for £17.99 p.m or 40 Mb for £39.99 p.m bb bb
bb bb
FastHosts Broadband Fast Hosts Broadband

Buyers TIPS

Choose the right type of Broadband - ADSL or DSL, Wireless or Satellite.
ADSL uses a telephone line. If you are on "Cable" you can use a DSL provider. Cable users claim that Cable (DSL) is faster than ASDL.
Buy as part of a Digital package to save money - with TV, Phone and Mobile - try EE, Sky or Virgin.

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Choosing your speed - compare options.
Many UK telephone line exchanges can only provide a maximum speed of 2 Mbs. It may not be worth paying for faster broadband if you can't benefit from it. Check the Maximum speed available in your area - so you select the best value package for your situation. Top speeds vary significantly, particularly according to how far away you live from the exchange. If your line won't support the fastest broadband speed, providers should give you the best available. The speed you actually get can also vary depending on the quality of your line, the wiring in your house, the time of day and even the weather.

Monthly Download Limits. Capped or Uncapped?
If you use The Internet regularly and need more than average bandwidth (monthly download limit) then consider an uncapped product. If you decide to go for broadband with monthly limits (which can, initially appear cheaper) you may end up paying more, overall when you exceed your monthly limit. In comparison, you may have to pay a premium rate if you over-use your quota each month.

Free. Check your broadband speed >>>
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